X  I started the Swedish Radio Archive website in the spring of 2006. Over the years I built it to the largest and most knowledgeable web in the entire Nordic region, aimed at radio historically interested persons. It has become a life work to me and I was constantly working to build and improve its content. This is the great advantage about a web: all facts can immediately be corrected and improved while new truths emerge, unlike when publishing books, where possible factual errors remain as if written on stone. I have noticed that there are other web site editors who run radio historical sites in the Nordic countries, who boast that their web's content was written more than a decade ago and has never been changed at any point since. This may be a pride to them, but I would consider it a great shame to run a web that way with all their factual errors remaining year after year, decade after decade.
X I am an experienced sound engineer after 45 years of working professionally in the audio recording field. Of those years I worked for 25 years with audio restoration for a total of about 150 CD projects for older popular music recordings for the Swedish market but also releases intended exclusively for the American record market. I also ran my own record label, Klara Skivan, where I became the first in Sweden to use Cedar Audio Restoration. Over the years, I received many fine reviews for the audio work and was praised particularly for the fresh and unconstrained luster that characterized my works.
X With these sound-technical ambitions, I built a collection of unique radio recordings. I had started in the mid-seventies, and I learned that the national audio archives in Sweden have no interest in the kind of radio history I focus on. The state owned archive's only concern is managing the part of radio history that has come from the government owned Sveriges Radio SR (Sweden's Radio). These archives also receive donations from private archives of other than SR recordings, but these are buried in basement storage and are not digitized. The recordings are just put away to be destroyed by the tooth of decay. In fact, the main purpose of these archives, which are maintained by us tax payers, are to keep these recordings safely away from the public.
X My archive grew, and the web contained more and more audio file links. Anyone could quickly get a certain selected radio recording played immediately by clicking the audio link described. I had spent tens of thousands of hours to make this work perfect, until one day I got a phone call from an ex friend many years ago, Kenneth Andersson in Västerhaninge, who expressed threats and demanded me to disable the click links. If I did not do this he would "take action", as he put it before a click and the call was closed.
X The next morning it turned out that he was very prompt with his actions, and to his help had contacted as lackeys Göran "Goran" Carlsson ( and Pia Schultz ( who without any copyright ownership and without having received any assignment from any copyright organization, still threatened to take legal actions against my web. To get out of this brawl from these two, who, before Kenneth Andersson's intervention had actually only expressed great appreciation for my web, I was forced to make very big changes on Monday, July 18, 2016. The main ones consisted in obeying the threats and disabling the automatic playback everywhere on the web, and that the web URL was moved to
XThis happened in 2016, but was repeated in mid-July 2018 with the same threats that they still wanted to direct a lawsuit against me without any commission from any copyright organization. I have experienced how completely lonely you become in such a battle - in distress, the friends are tried - the ones you had always thought you had. I really understood how ungrateful it can be for the good intentions I had.
 I have therefore decided to close the discussion forum in Facebook, "Radioarkivets senaste", which I had run alongside the web. I have also decided to close this web and to keep my archive to myself only.
Ingemar Lindqvist